About MINT Memory Clinics

Navigating memory care can be difficult. We make it easy by serving as a single access point for high-quality memory care at every step of your journey.


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Every day, people living with dementia and other memory disorders go undiagnosed or under-treated, placing avoidable strain on individuals and their families.

MINT Memory Clinics are helping to close these gaps by offering timely access to compassionate memory care and navigational supports, all in one place that’s close to home.

Dr. Linda Lee

As a family physician with expertise in caring for the elderly, Dr. Linda Lee recognized gaps in care for people living with memory difficulties, including dementia. Together with her team in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, she created MINT Memory Clinics, an integrated, team-based model of care that helps build capacity and improve access to high-quality memory care.


At MINT Memory Clinics, you and your family are supported by a multispeciality, interprofessional team of family doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and others that is specially trained in caring for people living with dementia and other memory difficulties. The team also works closely with your own family doctor, and with members of community groups like the Alzheimer’s Society, and specialist physicians to ensure
your care needs are met.


The MINT Memory Clinic model trains teams of health care providers to deliver high-quality memory care through a standardized, nationally-accredited training program. After training, teams continue to receive further mentorship and support to establish a MINT Memory Clinic within their communities. Through this model, primary care teams are building local capacity to care for persons living with dementia and support caregivers, too.


Receiving training in the latest research on diagnosis and management of these issues will be of great benefit to me now and into the future…Overall, the training was not only useful, but it was engaging, professionally executed, clear and concise. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to implementing the knowledge gained to benefit my patients and their families.

Dr. T.R, Ontario

I really liked that the material was evidence-based and practical and will be directly applicable to several of my patients with dementia. The case studies were helpful to reinforce the material that was covered. The course has increased my confidence in diagnosing and managing patients with dementia and will help improve the care that I provide.

Dr. W.V.H., Ontario

Thanks again for the outstanding and inspirational training. Very impressive and I look forward to using the new skills in the clinic.

Dr. J.T., British Columbia

The MINT memory clinic provided me with valuable, therapeutic strategies to engage effectively and with empathy with those living with dementia and their loved ones. The training was exceptional and allowed me to feel confident knowing that I was using a proven technique for providing effective and timely care.
Although a diagnosis of dementia can be devastating, the team approach ensures holistic patient-centred care is achieved and all concerns are acknowledged with sensitivity and professionalism. As a geriatric nurse, I appreciated this experience and would highly recommend it to others without hesitation.

D.D., RN, Alberta

There was just such a lovely mix of didactic learning, group interaction, and problem-solving, that I feel I gained so much from all the hard work the MINT team put into the training sessions. Truly one of the best education sessions I've EVER attended!

Dr. S.R., Ontario

You guys were amazing! So much material but so well presented!!! Thank you all so much!!!

K.G., NP, Ontario

This was by far one of the most interesting learning sessions I have done in dementia care!

H.W., RN, British Columbia

Thank you, Dr. Lee.
Life-changing course.

Dr. K.M., British Columbia

With significant success and positive patient and caregiver feedback, the MINT Memory Clinic model continues to spread to more and more communities. Thanks to funding and support from provincial programs, health charities, and the Government of Ontario, there are now more than 100 MINT Memory Clinics.