Research Match

Our program to connect patients and caregivers to research

The MINT Clinic Research Match program aims to facilitate increased participant enrollment for researchers and to better connect patients and care partners to studies according to their preferences through a patient preference approach.


How it works

1. Preference Form

Patients and caregivers at MINT Memory Clinics are provided a preference form if they express interest in participating in research. This form will then be submitted by their team to the MINT Clinic Research Match Coordinator.

2. Matching

The MINT Clinic Research Coordinator will match these preferences with eligible studies and send study information to the patient or care partner. If the patient or care partner indicates that they prefer to be contacted by the researcher, their contact information will be sent to the researcher.

3. Recruitment

Depending on their preferences, patients and caregivers have the option of reaching out to eligible studies directly or waiting to hear from researchers.

MINT Memory Clinic does not guarantee recruitment for studies as recruitment is dependent on your own preferences. MINT Memory Clinic does not accept "finders fee" payments.

MINT Memory Clinic will provide access to matching services to both interested research participants and researchers for studies that meet ethical and other requirements. The study matching process is provided with support from the Ontario Brain Institute, Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative and Baycrest.